Roberto La Forgia nominated Entrepreneur of the Month by EBN

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21 August 2018
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12 October 2018

“A new model for biotechnological innovation in the radiopharmaceuticals sector”: this is how the EBN innovation network referred to BeForPharma. EBN also bestowed its prestigious “entrepreneur of the month” award on Roberto La Forgia, BeForPharma’s founder.

BeForPharma is credited with creating a network across the world of radiopharmaceuticals: “The innovative character of the company” – writes EBN – “lies in the provision of services: once the appropriate standards have been reached with the help of BeForPharma, the customer becomes partner of a network in which the scientific, technological and economic resources are shared, for the achievement of common objectives in research and development. BeForPharma is the hub of this network.”

EBN, an association that today brings together about 240 organizations to support innovative entrepreneurship, was created in 1986 by high-level institutions including the European Commission, together with representatives of the industrial world and the first Business Innovation Centers that were established in that period.

This recognition therefore takes on a particular value precisely because it comes from people who, long before today’s technological evolution, had the foresight to believe in the potential of innovation, favoring networking and promoting policies to support entrepreneurship.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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