Roberto La Forgia joins the Rosatom team

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12 October 2018
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12 February 2019

Roberto La Forgia, founder of BeForPharma, joins the team of the Russian multinational Rosatom.

The news was also reported by Russia News, the news agency and information bridge between Italy and the Russian Federation. La Forgia will in fact be the only foreigner in a team so far composed only of Russian scientists: an extraordinary milestone in the BeForPharma international portfolio.

Our founder will provide regulatory support to JSC Isotope, a company controlled by Rosatom for the production of radioactive isotopes and other components used in nuclear medicine all over the world. In fact, JSC Isotope has over 700 international customers.

La Forgia won the work after Russian recruiters undertook a process of rigorous selection from the millions of CVs on LinkedIn uploaded by professionals from around the world.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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