Puglia-Russia Meeting on third-millennium Oncology

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The long-standing and ancient link between Russia and Puglia does not only have historical-religious and cultural roots.

The meeting “Oncology of third millennium managed by innovation and precision” which will be held on November 13th in Bari at Sala De Jesu, Palazzo della Presidenza della Regione, Lungomare Nazario Sauro 33 aims at strengthening the scientific collaboration between these two far and yet close territories.

This event follows the institutional meeting in Moscow in April 2019, during which the Puglia Region and AReSS Puglia have promoted and supported the signing of a memorandum of understanding between JSC V / O Isotope (Rosatom), l Sechenov University and the Apulian Oncological Network. The 13/11 meeting is of the highest scientific level and aims at re-launching this close cooperation in all fields of nuclear medicine and research; in a nutshell, it focuses on the new frontiers of the third millennium cancer medicine. Among the authoritative speakers who will face a close and fruitful sharing of ideas is also dr. Roberto La Forgia. The Molfetta scientist will find himself in the curious situation of participating in the meeting as one of the delegates on a “Russian” quota, even though he is in Puglia. And our region, which for years has witnessed an increase in cancer pathologies, has an urgent need for this type of research.

In the technical-scientific meeting on Wednesday morning (13/11) and in the afternoon visits of the same day at the Policlinico and Miulli hospitals, the best Russian and Apulian professionals will discuss the adoption of the most effective protocols and the best ways to exchange knowledge and cooperation.

The purpose of this event is indeed to support and promote exchanges between professors, university researchers and students, with a view to carrying out joint scientific research projects in the nuclear medical sector, oncological research and hospital management.

The protocol also envisages starting an effective dialogue on everything concerning the support to entrepreneurship in the nuclear medicine sector, a topic of particular interest for our start-up BeForPharma. It is therefore not just about scientific research but also field work and care of managerial aspects aimed at the optimal application of new scientific discoveries.

Another crucial aspect concerns the training of medical personnel in favour of which actions of exchange and sharing of skills will be promoted, with particular attention to clinical or preclinical studies and to the related regulatory requirements in nuclear medicine and oncology.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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