Project Management

An international network of skills and professionals in order to work synergistically towards common goals

The challenges of pharmaceuticals towards a common goal

The pharmaceutical sector is characterized by a continuous tension towards the achievement of new milestones for the common good: new procedures for diagnosis and treatment, new tools, new possibilities.  Often a single company cannot bear on its own the high costs required by Research and Development departments. Despite this, it is still possible to keep up with innovation in the radiopharmaceutical world, by creating a network of skilled people, where scientific and technological resources are shared. That’s the kind of teamwork in which BeForPharma believes.
The Project Management activity that BeForPharma proposes to its customers is tailored to specific needs. As well as the 360°​​ design and management of a department, the production of medicines and the validation of a production process on site, even the possibility of creating enlarged research groups. BeForPharma has already participated in numerous national and international, with the creation of clusters, networks and public-private partnerships, aimed at creating tools and drugs that can be used for specific pathologies. This is why it has developed considerable know-how on the standardization of procedures for the production of radiopharmaceuticals. An essential skill and a win-win strategy for reducing production costs for hospitals and patients.

Design of Radiopharmaceutical Facilities

BeForPharma consultants support their customers, worldwide, along the design and construction phases of GMP Radiopharmaceutical Facilities equipped with an efficient quality and qualification system.
The approach of this type of consultancy is of the “turnkey” type: the block implementation of all phases (both production and control) secures effective coordination between the individual components, ensuring that they are fail-safe, with a consequent significant reduction of time and costs.
BeForPharma acts as a full service provider: an external entity that bears responsibility for all phases, from design to qualification / validation, up to the implementation of the quality system.

Technology transfer for new developments

Technology Transfer is the process by which knowledge, technologies, production methods, prototypes and services developed by the multidisciplinary team of BeForPharma researchers are made accessible to the customer who can then further develop and exploit these to create new products, processes, applications , materials or services. An example of an activity already carried out with great success in this area, with great success, concerns the transfer of technologies underlying the production of the most innovative radiopharmaceuticals for PET technologies, such as: [68Ga] -PSMA, for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, [68Ga] – DOTATOC, for the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors.

The vocation for Research and Development

Innovations in technology and areas of application, within radiopharmaceuticals in recent years, have contributed to the global improvement in life expectancy, as well as in the quality of life itself, for thousands and thousands of patients. For this reason, all BFP professionals share a constant commitment to Research and Development, as a vocation not only for business, but also as a human and personal one.

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