Production Services

The BeForPharma expertise for the Health Facilities to allow the extemporaneous production of radiopharmaceuticals on site

How important are the times in radiopharmaceuticals

The production and administration of a radiopharmaceutical must take place in a very short time, to avoid the risk that the drug loses its efficacy, since the half-life cycles of radiopharmaceuticals are generally very short.

The preparation kits currently put on the market by the pharmaceutical industry do not provide a complete solution. They only cover part of the diseases to be diagnosed or treated; furthermore they leave to the medical staff the task of assembling the raw materials to obtain the finished drug.

On-site impromptu production is the solution

The BeForPharma team of experts is able to start, in collaboration with the internal staff of the customer company, a real laboratory, following all legal requirements to create effective radiopharmaceuticals in complete safety, customized for each patient and carefully calibrated according to medical indications.

BeForPharma guarantees compliance with the regulations in force on preparation, quality control, quality assurance and validation for each radiopharmaceutical produced, to ensure its effective quality and therefore the maximum effectiveness in relation to patient care.

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