Moscow Days in Bari: BeForPharma was there

Roberto La Forgia nominated Entrepreneur of the Month by EBN
12 September 2018
Roberto La Forgia joins the Rosatom team
13 December 2018

Two days of work to foster collaboration between companies in Puglia in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals and the Government of Moscow

Give life to collaborations in the fields of medicine, health and pharmaceuticals.” This was the objective of the event “Moscow Days in Bari”, held on 23 and 24 September 2018. Among those welcoming the institutional and entrepreneurial delegation from Moscow were local institutional representatives and regional entrepreneurs, active above all in the health field and in pharmaceutical companies here.

The meeting – supported by the Puglia Region and the Metropolitan City of Bari – informed the companies from Puglia about the hospital situation in Moscow and allowed a bridge to be created between Puglia and Russia by establishing partnerships for development and health and pharmaceutical research.

Representing BeForPharma was its director, Dr Roberto La Forgia, who presented the company’s activities and development programs in the radiopharmaceutical sector. Since then, BeForPharma has visited Moscow to start a project for research and development on nuclear medicine.


The interview with Dr La Forgia by Tg3 Puglia

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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