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18 November 2019
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16 October 2020

The Apulian scientist meets the world scientific community in Kuwait during a two-day study and exchange meeting on the developments in nuclear medicine organised by the Ministry of Health of the Emirate. Award plaque for the CEO of BeForPharma.

Kuwait calls, the scientific community answers!

Experts in physics, medicine and nuclear chemistry from all over the world met in Kuwait for two days devoted to studies and in-depth analyses on PET radiopharmacy and the treatment of cyclotron pathologies.

The event took place on November 18-19 at the Jaber Al Ahmed Al-Sabah Hospital conference hall, under the patronage of the Kuwait Ministry of Health chaired by S.E. Dr. Basel Hamoud Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.

The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is nowadays one of the most widespread diagnostic techniques of nuclear medicine in the world for the production of bio-images useful for the early diagnosis of numerous oncological, neurological and cardiac pathologies; the interest in this technology has grown over the years alongside the innovation that has accompanied oncological research.

For several years, Kuwait has been one of the world’s leading countries investing into the development of avant-garde nuclear medicine departments and currently has a total of twelve medical centres equipped with SPECT and PET technologies: the objective is to improve the quality of life of the population that currently stands out for the lowest adult mortality rate (52 people per 1000 inhabitants) in the Middle East geographical area.

For such an avant-garde and highly prestigious stage, the Ministry of Health of Kuwait has requested the interventions of the leading members of the world scientific community in the field of nuclear medicine, including prof. Roberto La Forgia.

The BeForPharma CEO has, in fact, had the opportunity to offer his contribution during both days with two presentations dedicated respectively to the developments of scientific-technological research on the design and layout of cyclotrons according to the GMP and to the importance of respecting good manufacturing practices in the qualification and validation of radiopharmaceuticals.

During his presentations, La Forgia had the opportunity to illustrate the advantages of installing a cyclotron for the production of radioisotopes together with the PET diagnostic unit in order to guarantee greater autonomy to the healthcare facility and took the opportunity to point out the importance of on-site presence of quality control for the validation of radiopharmaceuticals, in order to ensure the compatibility of the radiopharmaceutical product with the intended use in the PET field in a short time.

At the end of his talks, the Kuwait Nuclear Medicine Council publicly thanked and awarded a plaque to prof. La Forgia for its remarkable participation and contribution to research: a new “medal for the value” to the work of the BeForPharma team and its CEO, which is added to the rich board of Apulian startup which has chosen to innovate the world of nuclear medicine in less than five years.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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