“Excellence Pugliesi” 2019: Roberto La Forgia among the winners

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“Promoting Italy to rediscover Italy”: this is the spirit behind the “Excellence Pugliesi” event, which this year saw Roberto La Forgia, founder of BeForPharma, among the winners.

The award ceremony of this prestigious award took place on Friday 1 February in Rome, in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies.

The event was organized by the “Puglia Top Quality” Consortium and the OLL MUVI Association and moderated by the journalist Carlo Sacco. Among those present was Fuchsia Fitzgerald Nissoli, deputy to the second Legislature elected in the foreign constituency of North and Central America.

The award is given to persons (including companies and associations) that, with roots in Puglia, have grown professionally outside the narrow national borders, being able to establish themselves globally through their work and talents. And, as is well known, Puglia produces many people with these qualities, so much so

that the areas in which the awardees operate cover practically all sectors. In addition to radiopharmaceuticals, represented by our own Roberto La Forgia, excellence in social promotion is also rewarded: in high-quality tourism, in design and architecture, in finance and in many other sectors in which Puglia has long been well represented internationally.


Despite his intense work commitments abroad (currently in Russia), the BeForPharma director was pleased to confirm his presence at the award ceremony at the Palazzo Montecitorio.

Here is the text of the motivation behind awarding him this recognition:

“Roberto La Forgia has been exporting his talent and skills in the radiopharmaceutical and chemical sectors around the world: from Azerbaijan to Chile, through Iran, Romania, Singapore, Estonia, Kuwait, Jamaica and Bahrain, to the most destination recent: Russia. Yet he cannot be included among the many Italian “brains on the run”. Despite his collaborations with the UN, the International Atomic Energy Agency, various companies and international research centers, Dr. La Forgia has always been a “returning” researcher. In fact, he chose Puglia for his entrepreneurial activity, founding BeForPharma, an innovative start-up which, among other research activities, has been the leader of a project aimed at the global management of prostate cancer patients. Among the different objectives of the project, the development of a new method for diagnosing the pathology stands out; this is being worked on in collaboration with the U.O.C. of Nuclear Medicine of the Hospital-University of the Policlinico di Bari directed by Prof. Giuseppe Rubini “.

“Moved by a visionary spirit,” the organizers conclude, “Roberto La Forgia is a Pugliese in love with his land but also projected on the world scenarios of excellent health research”.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)

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