BeforPharma and AddLab at work: quality control becomes “prêt-à-porter”

Nuclear medicine, research and innovation: BeForPharma at the AtomExpo in Sochi, Russia
19 April 2019
Puglia-Russia Meeting on third-millennium Oncology
12 November 2019

What is important in developing a radiopharmaceutical quality control kit? Reliability, precision, ease of use? All this, plus the design.

For this key aspect, BeForPharma and AddLab − respectively the lead organization and partner company of PROwellbeingSTATE − are working together on the Innonetwork project for the management of prostate cancer patients.


The aim of PROwellbeingSTATE is to direct prostatic oncology towards more effective therapeutic approaches, making cold kits available to health facilities so that they can prepare targeted radiopharmaceuticals directly in their nuclear medicine departments, based on the innovative PSMA molecule which is more efficient than the tracers currently used for diagnosis and monitoring. It is here that the quality control kit proves its strategic worth: to ensure that the newly produced radiopharmaceutical conforms to specification, and that the relevant personnel can carry out control checks through an instrument that is both practical and precise.


During the operational meeting between the BeForPharma team (with CEO Roberto La Forgia, Onofrio Porcelli, Andrea Coppa and Imane Ghafir El Idrissi) and AddLab (represented by Graziana Cito and Nicoletta Guarini) several aspects were discussed in detail: the need to use materials compatible with the chemical substances required by the control test, the protection of the radiopharmaceutical sample; and the volume of production.

All these are parameters to consider in order to offer patients the best care available, without needing to have sophisticated and expensive laboratories.

(a cura di Mario Maffei – Comunicazione Sanitaria)


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