BeForPharma in the Apulian delegation in St. Petersburg with a new patent

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BeForPharma is part of the delegation of Apulian companies participating in the institutional economic mission of the Regione Puglia in Russia.  At the business expo of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum (Spief), BFP will present the “Psma Cold Kit SHAKE & Shoot” patent, which will allow a faster and safer way to produce the radiopharmaceutical used in the treatment and diagnosis of prostate cancer than the possibilities offered by current processes.

Representing BFP will be the CEO, Roberto La Forgia, who is investing his international experience in radiopharmaceuticals in Puglia in order to improve diagnosis and therapeutic processes in cancer treatment.

“In Puglia — explains Dr. Roberto La Forgia — with our innovative micro-enterprise, with a group of researchers from the Department of Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Bari, led by prof. Nunzio Denora and thanks to a regional tender, we have developed an innovative formulation for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, used in the Pet / CT of nuclear medicine. Only two other companies in the world are working on this bio marker, one in the United States and the other in Israel, just to give the dimension of the research we are carrying out on our own in Puglia.”

Prostate cancer is among the most frequent malignancies diagnosed in the world in men, only in Italy in 2019 37,000 new cases were estimated and in Puglia there was an incidence of 111 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In Russia we will present very important results to an audience of interlocutors and possible investors with the aim of bringing the production of the drug to an industrial dimension ”, concludes the managing director La Forgia.

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