About us

Art of Radiopharmaceuticals: where Pharma meets Nuclide

BeForPharma is an innovative company, specialized in the radiopharmaceutical field, led by a high commitment to develop innovative integrated systems for the patient care, from tools to improve cancer diagnosis to therapeutic processes.

Our Commitment to the safety of production processes

In the “Nuclear Medicine” field, the medicine in use, defined as Radio-drug, can be designed for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Due to their short life-cycle, radiopharmaceuticals are often released even before all quality control tests have been completed. This presupposes that the production process is monitored continuously.

The production process, as a strict observance of the rules and guidelines during all stages of production, is highly important and for this reason it requires strict protocols and compliance with extremely high quality standards so that healthcare professionals can use products of guaranteed Quality, Safety and Effectiveness. The pharmaceutical industries that produce radiopharmaceuticals and distribute them to hospital nuclear medicines, or the radiopharmacy laboratories within the departments themselves, must meticulously adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices, more commonly known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or, in the second case, to slightly less stringent standards such as the NBP-MN (Rules of Good Preparation of Radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine).

Hence the need to provide project management, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, quality control, production and validation services to the entire supply chain with which we operate.