The validation of 11C-PIB in Clinical imaging Research Center in Singapore

The validation of 11C-PIB

The validation of 11C-PIB in Clinical imaging Research Center, Singapore was finalized on 29/02/2016. This tracer is used in investigational studies for Alzheimer disease.

Roberto La Forgia was voted entrepreneur of the month

Our CEO was voted entrepreneur of the month

Our CEO, Roberto La Forgia was voted entrepreneur of the month by EBN innovative network after BeForPharma presented a new model for biotechnological radiopharmaceutical innovation.
Read the article here.

About Us


BeForPharma S.r.l. is an innovative Italian Company with a specific know-how in the Radiopharmaceutical field.

BeForPharma team consists of experts with proven experience and specific skills in the following areas:
Project Management, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Production and Validation.

BeForPharma focuses on high quality standard and customer oriented services.



Constantly updated expertise
Partners enhancement within the network


To develop a new model of cooperation among worldwide partners in the radiopharmaceutical production and research.
To contribute to the strengthening of the Radiopharmaceutical field, supporting Customers in reaching high quality standards compliant with GxP.


To share radiopharmaceutical marketing authorization within the network, developing an alternative model to the single holder one.


QA corporate

Centralized supply chain

GMP design & validation

Dossier development & marketing authorization

GMP training

Technological transfer

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